[guh-ril-uh] noun

1. a member of an irregular force that combats stronger regular forces
2. (as modifier): guerrilla warfare –  employs atypical tactics to achieve an objective

about guerrilla kitchen

Guerrilla Kitchen (GK) is founded on the belief that our food tastes better, together.  We are a community-driven movement, fighting to bring back family, friends, and those alike under one roof—away from the comfort of their own couches—exchanging ideas and sharing stories around the dinner table. It is during these moments we reveal our most intimate selves. Passions are discovered, born out of the collective hopes of our dreams. Once a vision now becomes focus, a movement inspired.

Guerrilla Kitchen is the embodiment of our dreams. It is the canvas upon which we hope to paint a better picture of tomorrow. Each dish serves as a portrait of ourselves—a culinary tapestry of our multicultural lives. We are a company who pride ourselves not only on providing the best food for our customers, but also creating unique experiences to last a lifetime. Whether it is in your own kitchen, a local ‘Mom and Pop’ shop, your favorite go-to-restaurant, on the streets or in the sky, Guerrilla Kitchen aims to change the landscape of how local businesses interact within the community.

Food is the power source of life, essential for both individual and communal growth. Its ability to unite cultures through shared experiences speaks wonders to its essence and has withstood the test of time. Our Mission: Unite the City of Philadelphia, using food and music as tools to break down the social barriers hindering our growth. We believe by serving up good vibes, good tunes, and good food, Guerrilla Kitchen will help pave a better road for the City of Brotherly Love.

the testimonials 

The food was amazing, the atmosphere was welcoming and the staff were very friendly. I’ll be on the lookout for the Guerrilla Kitchen food truck!

Brooks C.

A truly great event!! Thank you to Guerrilla Kitchen, the staff, the attendees, and Greg Bowser for taking these awesome photos. We hope to see you all at our next event!

Cappelli Brothers Cigar Company

I had a great time with pretty awesome friends at Guerrilla Kitchen’s first event this past weekend! Food was great and event was solid.

Eric Hutchinson

Glad I could be a part of it – the event was well organized, classy and highly professional. I had a great time! Thanks

Eric Buckwalter

The food was spectacular! It was clear each dish had a lot of work and thought put into them. In addition, I had a lot of fun at the event on January 10. I rarely go to Philly but the drive that night was definitely worth it. Compliments to Guerrilla Kitchen. Looking forward to another event!

Christie Lawlor

What a wonderful night we had at Guerrilla Kitchen’s opening event! The food was amazing and the vibe exciting and inclusive! After the duck confit ravioli, I was sold. Only to have the courses that followed… kick up the WOW factor!!

We decided to follow that great night with an In-Home Chef experience. Everyone agreed it was the most fun dinner party ever. The seafood gumbo, osso buco on polenta, salted chocolate homemade ice cream—served in the comfort of our own home is not to be improved upon!

Thank you for a special memory, Andrew and Chris.

Maureen Yelovich

What I love about GK isn’t just the amazing food or the eclectic vibes of each new venue… What sets GK apart from any other dining experience in Philly is the unique collection of people that share each new experience with you.

Michele Reilley

GK encouraged me to branch out of my “picky eating” ways and try something I normally wouldn’t eat. And I am so glad I did, everything was extremely delicious!

Morgan G.

Awesome crowd and even better food. I will be back for the next pop-up!

Dan P.

I had the pleasure of dining with GK during their first rooftop pop-up and was fortunate enough to taste their homemade duck confit ravioli. I must say… the experience was purely divine!

Greg Yelovich

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